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Empower Your School's Tuition Management with myTuitionPortal.com Logo

Tuition Payments and Analytics Made Easy

Comprehensive Tuition Management System.

myTuitionPortal offers a robust online tuition management system, encompassing essential tools for seamless processing of tuition payments—whether online or in the school office. Streamline payment processes effortlessly with our all-in-one solution.

Tuition Management System with School Branded Portal

School-Branded Tuition Pay Portal & Emails

Tuition portals get a custom URL and are garnished with your logo and school colors. We'll even help set it up. No special skill set required!

Tuition Management System with Payment Plans

Payment Plans Made Easy

Quickly schedule tuition invoices on a cadence or set a custom due date and amount for each payment. Create different payment plans for each student!

Tuition Management System with audit log

Secured & Automated User Friendly System

Secured and automated tuition management software for families & schools. Our "Card-on-File" options make tuition payments a priority.

Our Features & Benefits.

We make tuition management more secure & efficient ... for everbody!

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#1 Feature - Security:

Peace of mind.

While many tuition management applications prioritize features over security, we recognize that there is only one way to build a secure tuition management solution, and that's with security as the foundation. Additionally, we prioritize data protection by regularly purging unnecessary information and through a partnership with a leading payment processor, we ensure that no sensitive financial data—neither yours nor the families you assist—is stored within our system.

  • Tuition System Security FeaturePCI DSS Compliant w/ Quaterly Scans
  • Tuition System Security FeatureAICPA – SOC 2 – TYPE II Compliant or Better Data Centers
  • Tuition System Security Feature256 Bit Encryption
  • Tuition System Security FeatureNACHA Compliant

Features & Benefits for

Your School:

Save time. Get accurate, automated reporting.
  • Tuition Portal FeatureSee at a glance who has and hasn't paid tuition, how much tuition they owe and how far behind they are.
  • Tuition Portal FeatureSchool branded tuition pay portal, email & URL at no additional cost (ex: myTuitionPortal.com/YourSchool)
  • Tuition Portal FeatureAccept card and ACH/eCheck tuition payments online, over the phone or in person at no cost to the school by adding a convenience fee or surcharge.
  • Tuition Portal FeatureTrack in-person cash and check tuition payments.
  • Tuition Portal FeatureAutomated electronic tuition invoice delivery and payment reminders (more payments received on-time!)
  • Tuition Portal FeatureAutomated monthly tuition reports, deliverable to multiple recipients (board members for example)
  • Tuition Portal FeatureCustom tuition due dates, late fees, late fee applies date, invoice create dates and payout schedules
  • Tuition Portal FeatureCard-on-File abilities. Automatically charge accounts that havent paid tuition yet.

*Not legal in all states (such as Connecticut & Massachusetts). School’s responsibility to verify. We do not offer legal advice.

Family Tuition Portal Benefits
Custom School Portals

Features & Benefits for

School Families:

Convenience & utility.
  • Tuition Portal FeatureMobile friendly, straight forward, easy to use tuition pay portal
  • Tuition Portal FeatureTuition payment reminders
  • Tuition Portal FeatureAutomated tuition payments
  • Tuition Portal FeatureSecure user accounts to preserve preferences and display tuition payment history.
  • Tuition Portal FeaturePayment information is tokenized with processing partner for enhanced security and convenience.
  • Tuition Portal FeatureDetailed tuition invoice view with full break down of how much tuition is left to pay.

Let us show you today how we can save you time, headache and possibly thousands!

About us.

We're not just developers.

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At SMPL.CX, we're more than developers; we're problem solvers. Our mission? To automate the routine, simplify the complex, and obliterate any barriers that stand in our way. Our solutions thrive on feedback, simplicity, and top-notch service. If there's room for improvement, we are always grateful to hear about it!

While most of our projects are proprietary, myTuitionPortal represents our commitment to empowering schools across the nation by simplifying and optimizing tuition management.

Addressing the need of a local, non-profit, family-run school for an affordable tuition payment platform, we collaborated closely and crafted what we believe is the pinnacle of tuition management software for private schools of any size. Request a demo today and discover firsthand why our tuition management system stands out - in both features and pricing!

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