The affordable, comprehensive tuition management solution that’s easy to use.

The affordable, comprehensive tuition management solution that’s easy to use.

We are a small development firm whose products are built on feedback, simplicity and quality of service.

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All-In-One Tuition Management Solution.

myTuitionPortal is a powerful online tuition management solution that combines all the tools needed to successfully process tuition
payments online or in the school office.

Manage Billing

Online Billing, Invoicing & Contracts

Simple and secure control of your organization’s financial and legal transactions. Send customized invoices and contracts

Manage Schedule

Easy Scheduling & Payment Tracking

Schedule when invoices go out, when they are due, and when late fees are applied. Keep detailed records of payments.

Manage Tasks

Secured & Automated User Friendly System

Secured & automated solution for families & schools. You have enough to worry about, let us take care of this one.

What is myTuitionPortal?

Born from necessity; when a local, non-profit, family run school reached out for an affordable tuition payment platform, we sought out to check every box. Working closely with the local school in our area, who, mind you, didn't have time to learn some complicated new system, we developed what we believe to be the very best of anything a private school could ask for. Even better is that, if it's not, we'll make it be. We are a small development firm whose products are built on feedback, simplicity and quality of service. If there is something we can be doing better, just let us know and we will!

Our Features.

We make tuition management more efficient ... for everbody!

School Administrators

Benefits for

school administration:

  • Tuition Portal FeatureSimple, friendly, easy to use administration portal with just the features you need.
  • Tuition Portal FeatureAccept card and ACH payments online or over the phone at no cost to you by adding a convenience fee*
  • Tuition Portal FeatureTrack in-person cash and check payments.
  • Tuition Portal FeatureSchool branded pay portal
  • Tuition Portal FeatureAutomated electronic invoice delivery and payment reminders (more payments received on-time!)
  • Tuition Portal FeatureAutomated monthly reports, deliverable to multiple recipients (board members for example)
  • Tuition Portal FeatureSee at a glance who has and hasn't paid, how much they owe and how far behind they are.
  • Tuition Portal FeaturePersonalized School URL
  • Tuition Portal FeatureCustom due dates, late fees, late fee applies date, invoice create dates and payout schedules
  • Tuition Portal FeatureCompare data year over year
  • Tuition Portal FeatureStart any time of the year with our "anytime onboarding process".

*Not legal in all states (such as Connecticut & Massachusetts). School’s responsibility to verify. We do not offer legal advice.

Benefits for

school families:

  • Tuition Portal FeatureBuilt with accessibility in mind (for visually impaired).
  • Tuition Portal FeatureTuition payment reminders
  • Tuition Portal FeatureAutomated tuition payments
  • Tuition Portal FeatureMobile friendly, straight forward, easy to use pay portal
  • Tuition Portal FeatureSecure user accounts to preserve preferences and display payment history.
  • Tuition Portal FeaturePayment information stored securely with processing partner for enhanced security and convenience.
  • Tuition Portal FeatureDetailed invoice view to show full break down of what’s left to pay on tuition.

**Please note, some features may still be in development

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(Subject to change. Processing fees still apply!)

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